“The only happy people I know are those who are working well at something they consider important.”

Abraham Maslow

Some people love their jobs. It’s not just the environment or the people, they feel alive when they are doing the work itself, even when it’s hard. They’re happy to stretch themselves to push the organization forward, because they believe they’re contributing to something meaningful. Employers call this engagement and job performance. It is a key to tripling profits. But employees have a different name for it: a day well spent. Ultimately, they add up to the same thing; yet this equation is rare in modern organizations. Twenty years ago, Pathways started asking: How can we change that?

We’ve used our recruiting organization as a lab, both studying experts and painstakingly building a world-class interviewing framework to understand candidates at a level of depth no other recruiting firm approached. A candidate with the right skills, but the wrong idea of a day well spent makes for a bad chemistry match, and a lot of expensive turnover. Our job isn’t to get someone to plug a vacancy, but to transform the employment equation by making the whole experience extraordinary for both our clients and candidates.

  As we took a deep dive in human motivation and organizational culture, we’ve built a multi-tiered system based on what we’ve learned. Much of this we teach our clients so they can continue to develop their organizations to ever higher levels of success and employee satisfaction. Ready to change your employment equation? Call us