Experience and science tell us performance is far less tied to compensation than it is to people’s histories and dreams, their way of showing up in the world. That’s where we play best. 

We thrive and specialize in critical, and often highly sensitive, assignments where the talent pool is small and team synergy is crucial. We  understand both parts of the employment equation very well and believe that focusing on that equation creates not only better companies but a better society.

 A recent Boston Consulting Group study of 4,288 companies shows that those with a ”very high” recruiting function have 3.5 times the profit growth and 2.0 times the profit margin of those with a “low” recruiting function. Recruitment delivery, on boarding, talent management & employment brand were the top four revenue and profit generators for these companies that outperformed market averages eight out of 10 years. A host of other studies shows that individuals who focus on what’s  meaningful to them are more successful, healthier and better contributors. Our version of the employment equation is win-win. We achieve it through: 

Creating Your Talent Pipeline

Managed Services

Managing Cultural Transformation

In Depth Interviewing Techniques

We adapt our role to your needs, whether that’s to lead, or to support, key workflows – including talent operations, delivery and technology assessment. We believe in knowledge transfer and documentation, and we institutionalize all the intellectual capital we glean through the work we do for you, so you have all the tools you need long after we leave. 

Areas of expertise

Deep Analysis – analyze resources, operating models, strategy to obtain a complete diagnosis.

Employment Brand – Drive your authentic reputation & in the process humanize your interactions.

Sourcing – Candidate identification and planning – strategy around leveraging your data, passive candidate sourcing & internal referral processes.

Candidate experience – A bad candidate experience can damage your brand while a great experience that is authentic adds a 10x factor to your brand.

Technology – A deep analysis will help you understand what assets you have and how to best leverage them. And what is practical to ask of your employees in using them. Technology needs to be integrated and optimized.

Performance – Business is guessing unless resources can be measured, evaluated and tied to business outcomes.