The current workforce comprises four generations and multiple nationalities, not to mention socioeconomic, educational and geographic cultural factors. Add to that the fact that in many industries—hospital management for example—the entire c-suite tends to turn over every five years. Suddenly you have a seemingly impossible task to create and maintain a culture that will draw the highly skilled people you need. But what Pathways has found is that most organizations have a core culture that is generated and maintained by your best employees. This is the soul, or essence, of your organization. If you try to supplant it with some other culture you drive away those who already make the organization tick.

Instead, Pathways’ communication framework helps identify and articulate that culture in a way that invites everyone in the organization, both old employees and new, to contribute to it using the way they think, the way they articulate ideas. Because they helped write the culture, they’re more invested in the organization’s success. We’ve done this over and over, in organizations from healthcare to manufacturing to marketing. It works.