We call our in-depth interviewing techniques Essence Mining because we’re mining for the essence of your organization, what’s genuine and meaningful to employees. Essence Mining is an efficient and effective way for us to quickly understand the many layers of your culture. Over nearly two decades we’ve honed an interviewing framework that reveals the invisible organization, the “black box” motivators of individuals and teams.
We interview leaders and drivers at all levels in your organization about their personal and career histories and their connection to their work. As an outside team, we’re able to unearth connections between employees’ personal narratives and their work that many of them had not recognized before. Part of our expertise is recognizing the shared ideas expressed through employees’ own vernaculars—ideas they may not previously have recognized as shared motivators.

Lingua Franca

Through the interviews, the creation of the videos and supporting deliverables, we help leaders recognize the vocabulary employees use to articulate what is meaningful to them about their work and work relationships. We call this the Organizational Dynamic Lingua Franca.
Historically a Lingua Franca was a language built from the vernaculars of people who had different languages but wanted to communicate around trade, science or some similar shared goal. By incorporating the language of employees, you can build and dynamic, evolving lingua franca that connects employees to their mission using their own stated values, dreams and motivators.
We don’t believe organizations or employees benefit from merely “selling” an opportunity to a top candidate. We believe the best, most sustainable value comes from knowing how to construct teams of people who are all personally committed to the work. That’s how Essence Mining works.