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“The only happy people I know are those who are working well at something they consider important.”

Abraham Maslow

Great teams are united by an idea that all the members believe is important. They didn’t get the idea from their companies, but their work gives them an opportunity to bring the idea to life. They may be from different countries and different skill sets, and they may express the idea differently. But it’s the reason they all perform, put in the time, empty their treasure trove of resources to do something extraordinary.

Pathways helps uncover that idea. We help people in organizations see the connections between what they find individually meaningful and the work they do together. That connection is the key to serious engagement. It gives people the confidence to dig in and contribute. These days, everyone’s talking about how to attract top tier talent who are looking for meaningful work. That was the question that started our company 20 years ago. We’ve worked with hundreds of teams and thousands of candidates looking for a scaleable, efficient way to understand what makes a particular organization tick and how to communicate that to other skilled candidates who share the same idea of what’s meaningful. The result is a communication framework that helps you clarify how the things that are meaningful to the individuals in your organization and how that meaning can be served by fulfilling both individual and organizational potential. You don’t need a new culture. You need to find and amplify what’s great about the culture you have.


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